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Toryuken… The name to hate, the place to enjoy.


So I got to hand it to the guys at TorontoTopTeirs. They put together quite the event… even for someone that is casual like myself. Spectating the event was fun, and like a friend of mine would say “I am the frecking Mayor.” 

Yeah that is the one big thing that I noticed, I know alot of people in the “Compeative Fighting Gamimg Comminuty.” I guess that is what turned the event into something that is more of a gathering of pals than anything else. I was more “bumping shoulders” with players that I have met over the years, than really watching the gaming. 
Some of the sides where interesting, a few anime gamers came around and I got to face off in Melty Blood again… man I love the way that the game works, much of the head work is taken out of the fighter, but that is a bigger topic for another day. 
Anyways, I don’t have much more to talk about on that one, maybe more when I am more sorted but… it was enjoyable. Thank you NeoRussle and crew, you have show toronto something special.
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