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iPhone 4S… The Bomb and it’s fall out.


I think that the best thing that I can say for the iPhone 4S is that, for an update, it’s not that bad. The problem here is not that is the sudden bomb that Apple, the company that no one thought could do no wrong, that could always excite and surprise people simple failed to deliver on the lofty expectations of the Rumor mill. They didn’t give people new, and reality was not distorted… it was as plan as day.

So far, reaction as been rather bad. But I would not be so quick to write Apple epitaph just yet. Given the restlessness in the Android OEM space, I would expect that the next few phones will pounce on this miss-step. Same goes with Microsoft and it’s Windows Phone 7.5… Outside of that, RIM might be the biggest winner in all of this, the move to QNX was going to take time, Apple just bought them some by keeping the bar rather low. After this… what really matters, does Apple had another defect the size and scope of “Antennagate” and, baring that, does the iPhone 5 impress as wildly as expected (assuming that Android, WP7 don’t have a good year and that iPhone 5 would matter by the time it releases).

This is not the end, this is just the beginning… Apple and it’s life after Steve Jobs, their number one sales man.


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