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Con-Bravo… Well bravo…

Well, I am going to have to give my pal Mike some credit. ConBravo is not a bad convention by any strech of the imagination. It was a great way to kill five hours of free time.

I am not going to say that this is the most orginaized convention that I have seen (or heard) but the smaller crowd does give off this community feel. I rather like it, gives the convention something of a personality. Make you feel closer to the ongoings and that those ongoings matter to some degree.
A pity I didn’t have more money on me, since I honestly feel as if in a mellow setting such as this I would have parted with some hard earned money.

That said, I guess that I am having a realization.
I am getting rather old. Life doesn’t really stop, nor does my love for things. This is a Geek’s con, no real getting a round that… but that said, there are things that are not quite for me at these events. Unless it’s a panel of interest (or boredom), I am not really into them. My love of gaming is, pushed to it’s limit during this generation. I am not as ‘in love’ with the things that I enjoy. I just enjoy them, and enjoy the company of those that share that understanding (for the most part). I might have to make a few changes to make sure that I leave a lasting impact on these events.

I think that it’s about time that I do so.

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