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The problems of an election about nothing…


Slowly yet surely, I have begun to believe that a majority of canadians assume that they live in the United States of America on a politial level. That is not hard to assume since there is a great ammount knowlauge about the american system and the simple fact that most people find canadian history rather boring.

This is the backdrop to a majority of problems that I have seen in this election. In true Seinfeld-ian fashion, there seems to be not alot a stake and nothing to rather discuss… since few people really understand how it works. I am not about the spell it out, but if this election is going the way that I think it is, then all the government has managed to do it reshuffle the players. 
If that is the case then the Conservitives have alot to think about, since this would point against them… give that the system itself seem to be at odds with the leader. That said, I wonder what happened to the Bloc under a reshuffling like this. Given that they would be the only ones to realy play this loose with the system in the state that it’s in… if they as in manners that would prop this government, can you really call them septratists any more?
That said, under something like this…. lobbiest are a major issue with politics, and under something like this, there influence would grow on all sides. I want that stopped to be honest, but given the issue of governance, a coalition might not stop that…
Given that, it would be different…. And to be honest, different might be the best solution at the moment.

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