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This might be the world’s most interesting browser for mobile. As much as it seems that Mozilla is late to the Android part, it does has potental. 

That said, I think that a lot of people expect Fennec (Firefox mobile) to hit the ground running. I am not sure that is going to happen at all, memory usage is still VERY high compared to Android’s Webkit browser(about 5 times as much), and their are issues with rendering between devices (font on the Galaxcy S is unreadable at this moment, the Droid/Milestone happens to be better), and despite being based on Gecko-1.9.4 rendering is slower and noticiably so. This is about being in the game, having a presences before they get better but at this point it makes Mozilla 2/Gecko-2.0 all the more pressing.
That said, it’s firefox…. the extentions at this stage (just clearing the alpha phase) are more than I had expected. The touch interface might be the best that I have seen in mobile browsering, it’s not flashy but it VERY productive… the way that it handles tabs alone is an improvement, and out side of Opera’s is the only one that I have seen handle tabs well.
We live in some exciting times

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