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iPhone, Apple and an comsumer problem…


You know, this might the first time in a LONG while that I feel sorry for Apple Inc. In all the brouhaha of the iPhone 4 issues, you kind of get the feeling that Apple has trapped themselves in a consumer dilemma. 

Sure, it’s one of their own making…. but it’s a trap that they have fallen into none the lest. 
The issue at hand in the Antenna, which seems to be making the rounds in the tech world. What is telling with this, is the need to verify that people are satisfied with the device outside (or in spite of) this one issue. 
The problem is that Apple is considered by many to make the best devices, and with that comes the problem of consumer satisfaction. Consumers are voracious in their desire to be satisfied with a purchase, regardless of how bad a product might be. The second that consumers find an issue that allows them to no longer be satisfied with a purchase, the rebuke is nasty and swift. Apple tends to make a high-end devices and, as such, is VERY sensitive to the need to make a consumer satisfied (since that is there value)… which is why the report by Consumer Reports is so damaging and damming, it’s cold hard proof that the issue 
  • exists 
  • and that Apple has been trying desperately to overlook a design flaw. 
Both of which would effect the consumers’ need to be satisfied with the device, and questions many other devices in Apple’s deployment. 
I wonder if the iPhone line will survive this, it might… but then to do so is the leave the Emperor naked in the street, and not mention it. I don’t thing that consumers will allow that to happen for long.

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