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Get Hype…. The Anime North Report…


If you don’t get the first phrase, then you haven’t seen the Fighting Game Community. It’s a common phase in those channels for attracting excitement, and OH BOY did I get that. 

It was some fun to be at the convention again, which to be honest was long over due (my last visit was in 2006). Unlike FUDcon which ran on the comradeship of it’s developers and users, this was run (at least from my perspective) on the pure sense of competition between players. As much the video-gaming section was filled with Consoles, it didn’t matter… it FELT like going back to an old Arcade, which I think was the point. Here there was many players of Smash Bros, Super Street Fighter 4 (SSFIV) that are new to the feeling of competition and comradeship that Arcades just fostered out of being a very social environment. With Arcades dead and dying, there needs to be a place to foster this social interaction, since online competition is not the place for this… being a faceless mechanism. After talking to Felipe and his crew, I get the felling that they want to bring this back.
I will keep an eye on that, since I feel that one… they might to one to something to try and bring this back and two… I am selfish, I am a gamer that looks for a challenge as an excuse to get better in fighters. Players, to me, are that challenge. I might not have what it takes to be a top player, but I get the feeling that if I keep a close eye on Felipe’s attempt to bring a scene to Toronto… I will get a shot at trying, which is what I want. I want to see how high I can set my personal bar of excellence.
Felipe, bring the hype… I am sure people will come. I, for one, am sold.
Sadly, the rest of Anime North was lost to be being in a place I felt that I belonged. Even with old pals complaining in my ear. I wasn’t really much for the dealers at TCC nor the Anime at the Double Tree Hotel (manly out of lack of interesting things to watch). But this and this alone made the convention worth going to for me. I hear that the Gaming organizers want next year to be bigger… I welcome that for one. More people playing games, video games or others, is always good. I’ll see what I can do to help out with that. Other people need to see this, it was amazing and the atmosphere was so electric. 
Oh yes, before I forget… I would like to thank MapleRose (remember her? the server of my plate of crow) for bumping into myself and finally putting a face to a name. Her perspective on anime is, different… I welcome it. It was a shame that Furball couldn’t make it from what he told me… would have loved to meet him again. To my co-worker… Um… oi… that girl, so very unpredictable and very bashful. But somehow more so here… blaming me for being so “normal” at a con (her and, MapleRose [though in her defence, she wasn’t blaming me… Maple did take note of it and called me on it]). Girl, that is the point, I love my Anime and Games but I can’t say that I have a zealous obsession with them. I make a point not to dive that far if I can help it… since I want more people to see what I love, and I don’t do that by driving them to the hills with either my appearance or actions. (The same goes to my odd love of Linux, but FUDcon did teach me one other thing… Don’t be afraid of your passion… if their is anything that you want people to see, it’s this. But their is a fine line between passion and obsession.)

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