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A Tale of Two players…


Ok, so over the last few days… I could have swore that hell had frozen over (twice). I have been really getting into a game called Tatsunoko vs. Capcom. I was very sure that I would be unable to touch the game since it there was a bit of a licensing albatross when considering a US/CAN release… but oddly, Capcom managed it, against all odds.

At this point, I was pretty much convinced that the Marvel Vs. Series was dead in the water. I didn’t think that neither Disney (the new owners) nor Marvel would consider a partnership with Capcom with out vast bags of money in the exchange, despite how popular the series is. And then it happened. They are planing to make a Third version to the game.

In lue of this, I have been sticking my head into a old haunt of mine. Before I considered a interest in computers seriously, I was a gamer. This place was for gamers like me (at the time) to talk game, schedule meets, hang out in general. This place specialized in Fighting Games, something that I also favoured. But with time, I was disillusioned… I can’t really bother with learning a new system mechanic that insists on making me climb a wall with little to no equipment. I was this mythical “hardcore” gamer, I devoted large amounts of time to things like this… but not so much any more, there are other things that occupy that time.
But looking back at old SRK, it’s clear that things have changed. Not only for me, but the community that I held rather dearly (and in some ways still do). When talking about Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, there is a lot of arrogance now in what should change. There is a rather big debate over parts found in other systems, (the big one at the moment is Bursting/Mega Crashing) there is much belittling over what could be a dressed and how. I don’t know, it’s just to much to ask for a game that doesn’t demand me to learn a 50-hit combo just to win?
You’d swear that it was by the discussion.

I am beside myself here, I want a deep game, but I don’t want it to start looking like it’s going to be a near vertical climb to play it. And the issue isn’t just with me, I want more players… I like more players, and not just online. If this game is just attracting the set that have stayed with the series and a select few that can rise to that standard, it might as well just lock people into a room and given them PSN/Xbox Live and never make them leave.

Anyways, I will have to sort out my emotions on this one. Comments?

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