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The false hope of the internet


It’s becoming increasingly obvious that there are some people on the internet that are more than will to sell off what we have for the sake of small returns.

Yet again, the HTML5 Codec debate has been raised, this time by the renown John Gruber. Given how many people see to lack the understanding of what has happened, you would think that this is victory as another site plays with HTML5 video. It’s not, it’s Pyrrhic Victory for the internet and it’s good health.

John seems to ask The Mozilla Foundation, to “get with the program” over it’s lack of H.264. The thing is that he doesn’t seem to “get the program.” There is a principle here, the simple fact that anyone with the will can get on the internet… with some nominal cash or none at all, start coding, blogging, twitering, etc. With Video, there is more… much more. Image a world where conveying a message is simple, just find the right program, load it, post it… this is the dilemma, this is the issue. This is the Programme.

I thinks there comes a time when one should be angry… this is it. And come a year’s time, this will come to a head.


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