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The Haze of FUDcon


Fedora’s User and Developers Conference. For those that don’t know.

It was last week, so I am a little late on my report of it. Not that anyone cares in my private little hole here. As the every so annoying average Joe at the event, it was interesting. I have been in places with lots of people, I have seen many things in life and in software, but truth is that I have yet to see something like FUDCon.
The thing that I think that gets me the most is that most of the gathers at FUDCon are very much passionate about everything to do with Fedora. I am not talking mindless, zealous passion however… I am talking of a honest, open, very most excited love of the distribution and linux in general but in a way that doesn’t blind one to it’s issue and area’s in which Fedora (or Linux as a whole) lacks. It the kind of temperament that was awe inspiring, can (and maybe has) filled some with a twing of jealousy, and it a little intimidating…

I met with a many people, discussed many subjects. All in all, the experience has the feeling of something life long and changing. It something that I can’t say is known to other aspects of the software industry, even the ever loved gaming sector has been overwhelmed to it’s own hubris to a degree. Here, there is only drive to make Fedora better, passion that it gives one something that can’t be found else where. To say that I VERY MUCH want to be a part of something (which to me seems filled with something full of substance) like this, is an understatement.

I must thank AdamW for putting up with my tardiness, Mairin for somehow dealing with me being a bit of a gushing fanboi (yes, poor form for me, I know), Jordon for being something of a entourage while I was their and Chris for the herculean task of managing most of FUDCon (with help I am sure).

If I am to make a suggestion, as a Torontonian and general user… if there is a thought of bring FUDCon back to Toronto (after maybe a year), I would more than welcome it. It was a blast, it gave me much to think about… and I am sure that the city would be better with more of that here.


The post is brought to you by lekhonee v0.8


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