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003 – The Daily Grind


Well, it’s been a while… despite my advocacy moment, life has been fine.

Well not really… an close uncle to the family has died. It was shaker to a otherwise fine day, since this is something that cut’s deep in me.
Kind of a shame really, despite all his faults… I loved him very much. And as I said, he is close to me… I have quite a few memories of him, none bad (save this) so it hit the core a little.
Even now, I still feel a little shaky over it.

Aside from this, I am going to try to see if I can salvage a job prospect. I really want that position, it would be good for me to keep within the computing field as I sort out a few things for school. That is unless I decide to just jump back in at full force, uncle’s death as forced me to think about this a little since, I will admit that I take to him a lot.
A lot on the mind, a friend lost… this is going to be an interesting week.

Aside from that depressing news… I have to curl up to a rather large double helping of crow.
For a while, I have black-listed one anime show and wept at another. The black listing was founded, since the vitriol around it with fan was rather large.
The other was something that was hard to me to over looks it’s flaws… which I will explain, NOW.

So let’s Start with the first show… Demashita Powerpuff Girls Z.

Now, here is the funny thing. When I first saw this show, I was thrilled to see an adaption of Powerpuff Girls to the japanese market since I was a fan of PPG. Really I was, but then a few things started to rub me the wrong way when I began to watch it. They turned it into a true “Magical” Girl show in the same vain as Pretty Cure or Salior Moon, and some of the background to the girls is different (but to be honest, it was a very rough thing in the original so I could live with the changes), but the thing that made me stop it was the mud on a character that I loved in PPG.

Mojo Jojo.

Aside from the different background, he was maybe one of the brighter things in the original since the character was very smart and crazy cunning with a good wit on his lips with a VERY unique speech pattern that doesn’t lend itself to translation well, in PPGZ… him becoming this “standard idiot villain” made me want to cry.
So after that, I just stopped. I would not approach the show. I was butthurt over the whole affair of turning my favorite character into a walking dunce.

I blame maple for the rather genital push to get me to watch it again… It’s funny, the show has it’s own little charm, since it would seem that the director here carved out there own niche with it. I approached it as a straight adaption, you know… PPG in Japan… and I was wrong in doing so, there is much to like out of the show (once I could bare Mojo’s dumb down). I was surprised and it was very enjoyable.

YUM! One plate done, on to the last one and hoo boy it’s a big plate.
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion
This show was one of those cases where it was nothing to do with the production (aside the CLAMP designed characters, the design aren’t my taste but it was passable), it was the fan-base around it. In the animation circet, I have this theory that keeps being proven right with fan’s of anything. Sometime it’s the fan’s that can turn one off of a production and Geass is a show falls into this trap of the anime fandom… where some fan’s have so much damn zeal about a production, it’s really hard not to sneer at it since it is fawned over by (apparent) idiots.

Let’s put one thing to bed right there, they are not idiot’s… completely. After watching the show’s two seasons, I can see what people like about it. The characters are unique, the action is a cut above, the mecha… delicious, the plot was complex and something different.
But MAN, does it got issues that keep it from becoming a instant classic (or becoming a classic with time in general). The action takes a HEAVY nose dive in the second season (through, that last episode save it a bit… it’s a cut above both seasons and the two main robots, both, get brought back down to base right when it counts the most during a nail biting fight. You just don’t see that often in mecha [or anime in general]… I just wished it ended there) , and suffers greatly from “‘strike’ a pose” syndrome. The characters, well… some of them (one of the main characters in particular) doesn’t grow like they did in the first season and even then it’s a bit sparse on the character development. The plot dynamic’s (the shows major hook) falls by the way side completely mid way into the second season, but then when you consider that it got needless complex with some add-on characters, time-skipping and a needless habit to keep pushing back to the setting of the school for no real reason… the plot decay of this magnitude is reasonable, just disappointing.
Did I enjoy it, Yes… more than I did with Gundam 00, which was MUCH more disappointing for much of the same reasons as pointed to above with a few other things on top of it. R2 (what Geass calls it’s second season) is quite the artful train-wreck, which is disappointing, unexpected … and the parallels to the same issues that plagued Gundam 00 production in the second season are uncanny. They are the exact same, through to be far, their is more on 00’s plate of shame… it’s just the big issues that plague both Geass and 00’s are the exact same so it is still rather startling to watch it all crumble like that.

I am torn, it hard to not like Geass. It tries very hard to be something fresh and different… to deliver something that the viewer might not have seen before (or hasn’t in a LONG time). And it is successful on those merits…
But yes, much like anyone whom watched it will tell you… R2 is very much a train-wreck of much of what it tries to accomplish. It degrades itself to a mecha show that goes by-the-numbers, or seems to lose as many plot hooks that it managed to create with characters that do get static. It does get bad, but as I said… it’s a artful train-wreck, as big as the problems were it’s not something that took much away from the show, just a lot of the impact it had but hey it was damn pretty to see it.


To my Uncle Lindon, may you finally have some rest.

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