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002 – The Daily Grind


Gaming day wasn’t all that bad. Still feel a little guilty for having been the third wheel with some of my pals.

The gaming wasn’t all that bad, the atmosphere was good. It was crowded, so alas on of the bigger turn off was the massive amount’s of BO, even for me.

Was really liking the arcade stick, might consider one… seeing as I might get back into fighters as a semi-serious thing. But still, even good games is not enough to remove the self imposed boycott of this generation for home-consoles. It now comes down to the players, and sadly I am seeing the same line being drawn now as I did when I drop fighters as a serious thing.

Oh well, time to relax some and enjoy some Faiz and laundry.


Oh yeah, I am considering one thing. I am looking into this one odd thing that I have seen missing with art sites, something that game companies have only JUST begun to learn…. collaborating with the community that surrounds it has HUGE payoffs. Art sites seem to miss thing, or if they don’t collaborating isn’t one that big list of things to maintain. So I am looking into some tools, going to see if it can be ingrained in building & maintenance a site… allow people to talk and communicate with each other in such a way that it’s seamless to do on top of holding a portfolio for many artists.

We’ll see if I have any will to follow through with this.

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