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0001 – The daily grind


New little series, this being a journal…
I am posting some personal things about my day, links I have found etc. A word of warning, these tend to be vague… for privacy protection on my end, and my mind tends to be a complex abstract thing when I look into the introspective. With that out of the way, onward…

Some good news, some perplexing issues.

The orientation that I had for a small organization I am applying to was a sensory overload. As much as the after effects of that was bothersome, I am pumped at the opportunity… this place presents a fundamental challenge. I am rather eager to see if I am up to it. And hey, the fact that it’s full-time work isn’t bad either.
I can’t wait for the interview.

That was the good, now for the perplexing… A while back, when I was working as a Cashier I had this interesting yet turbulent relationship with a former co-worker, whom also was a student at the same college campus I was attending. Now most the issue that cropped up at that time have been dealt with… or so I thought.
Two things seem to bother me, for every-time that I am near that campus, I seem to get anxious… bad. A borderline anxiety attack seems to hit me every time I near the place. Why has always been a matter of annoyance with me, since it effects my learning and my drive, standing at the base of the ivory tower… looking up.
The other thing, which I didn’t know of till today’s attempt to ride up to campus, there are things that amplify this feeling of anxiousness… and this former co-worker (or anything remotely resembling her), seem to make this anxiety completely unbearable.
This is not a good sign….


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