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Hello world, take two


Oh sweet god, this client is much better than drivel.
So very much better… and the funny thing here is this, it a Fedora hosted project. If you live in Linux and want to have a look at what I am using [run here] alas, I can’t seem find it on Ub nor on there Package hosting service launchpad, so Ub users are out of luck for the moment.

All this client needs is a multi-network setup for Blogger, Movable Type (through technically is does have that, WP uses Moveable Types xmlrpc… its really a matter of how much the two differ and where, with WP being a fork and all), LiveJounial, etc. Still Awesome is awesome…

If you noticed, I also changed the home a bit. Did a few edits, imported my old blog at Blogger, etc.
I think that I will be having much more to say around here.

Now to install lekhonee on that nasty desktop of mine


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