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The haunting feeling that you are not alone…


Given the world’s economic state, you would honestly think that Financial brokers and advises you be jumping mad at the continuing year of negative growth. And to be honest, they are… but there seems to be this nasty haunting effect that comes with this. The sad fact that this massive problem is simply no longer confined to Wall St. (or in my case Bay St., being Canadian)…. It’s officially hit the average joe, The everyday working class, the middle class, the high end of the lower class, Main St., Mom and Pop, Dad and Son… what ever the name for it, this much it clear, Something is changing in how we all work, and it’s ain’t good.

Take Canada for instant.
For a long time, during this recession, The government, our elected government, seems to have this flipping crazy idea that to simulate the economy on both ends (Bay and Main St.), we much give people more tax brakes and yet spend money on this rather big “bail out” loans to keep big business from faltering. But here is the problem, Big Business doesn’t drive Canada for the most part… it’s the small businesses (the Ma and Pop Stores, the Dad and Son shops, etc…. i.e. The little guy), and as much as we are going to come out of this, they are not being protected. If anything, our elected government, seems top be on a war path to expunge these businesses by giving them a paltry sum of what Bigger businesses are getting in relief money. Then there is the inefficient idea that Canada can come out of this by “Cut-and-spend” tactics which would make any basic accountant scream bloody murder… since this only grow the debit that we have to pay back later by slowing down the revenue pipe (i.e. lowering the Government’s income) and yet spending more than we can pay back in a year, two years, five years and so on.

Yet, there is no real funding increase for programs gears to help those in a crisis like this. Nearly nothing to E.I., you know the welfare program for those that lose a job or career, Nearly nothing to help with the infrastructure issues that plague cities and towns. It’s odd, there seems to be an assumption that by effecting this from the top down, would be sound and yet those that are effect the most are not at the top… they are at the bottom. And that has yet to be addressed. Nor may never be addressed.

But no, Canada is not alone with this kind of thinking. It’s mirrored by the E.U. response to the downturn. Or the backwards thinking found in the U.S., despite the few good gems in the simulates package.

Or Asia… whom seems to just be… Punished is not the word, but it fits.
Take Japan for instance….
Want to have a look at what they are facing… read this
And/Or look at the videos below… Flash-based but hey, low-latency.
Video 1
Video 2
Video 3
Video 4


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