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Blackbird…. Oh boy… This is bad


You know, for disclosure sake, I am a black man. I am their very target, a man whom is black, for them to funnel their content on.

That said, let me begin. I got a bone to pick…
WHY IN GOD’S NAME WOULD YOU DO SOMETHING LIKE THIS? I mean really, it raises a few spectres in the black community and to be honest, they are some really bad ghosts. Something that I always took note on in the community, is this rather bizarre need to self-segregate itself from other communities. It is something that I can’t really give a free pass on when other people do it… it makes a mockery of all the things that other people have done in black culture to reverse this trend, to include ourselves among society. I swear to you, Martin Luther King among others black liberators are rolling in their graves at the mention of this.

That said, there is something to like out this web-segregation browser. It seems rather focused on low-income families. To position itself as a browser OEM for windows… which itself is good, if you can spare the need to created the BET equivalent of the web. But no, they do just this by focusing on the need for black content… by justifying search result from places like AOL Black Voices or save from, I don’t know, GOOGLE. I am pretty sure that I am not the only one here that used GOOGLE, Yahoo, Facebook, etc. You know, the places on the net that really don’t give a damn about what culture you are from so long as they get business from you.
Not to mention that this is one of the few times where being open-source is a bad thing. Seeing how they have tarnished the name of firefox, you know… the browser, the one that they are using as a base to all of this. Seeing as through it’s more or less just a skin, some modified code for the searches, and sidebar stuff and a bunch of pre-made links to said black content… there isn’t much that the Mozilla Foundation is getting back from this, and that might be for the best. But somewhere in the PR game, this will be a bad thing… a VERY bad thing.

Somewhere, someone out there has the thought of something like ‘Pinkbird’ to funnel LGBTT content to others of this its own community… and if it happens, I will bet you that they (whomever the creators will be) will point to this browser as a prescient to this need to create an self-segregated focused browser. And kids, it’s equally as wrong for the same reason… it sends the wrong message to those in each respected community, that their is need to be secular from all others cultures, communities and society in general when really that should be a moot point on the web.


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