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Fedora 10… Finally…


You know, it’s been a while since I can suggest Linux to anyone. When ever I do, there is a lot of times that I can only really suggest Ubuntu to people. Personally, that does bothers me, since for a Distro that is on the bleeding edge… it doesn’t find itself at the lead of what technologies that are new and upcoming.
For me, I find that what the Fedora Project does try to accomplished is admirable… but beginner friendly it is not. Well for the most part that has changed somewhat in 10. I think that since this has been the easiest install of the distribution that I have ever done… it was really, mostly set-up the install and run. I even configured it for the multi-media stuff (something that doesn’t really come with Fedora out of the box) during the install time, which does saved time… even more impressive is that I could configure it to use the updated packages which does saves me a step in the post-install process, since it use to be one of the first things that I do.
The Plymouth graphical boot loader does show a lot of promise… and with the right hardware it is truly awe inspiring, and more importantly it does set-up what is sets out to do which is provide a faster boot time (through booting into GDM/KDM is still somewhat slow… and again, this is hardware dependent, so YMMV).
There are other really massive improvements to Fedora, I will not go over them all since to me this is not a review of Fedora (else I would have gone though a lot more detail)… But I think that it’s time that some people, even beginners, start to look into Fedora to see what it gives them. Since it’s Desktop space is really improving (at time by leaps and bounds)… enough to warrant a look at what is going on.

That said, I must admit that this does make me rather eager to see what will happen with RHEL 6.x (and the clones, like CentOS) + EPEL series. If anything, Red Hat might be showing that they are indeed interested in the desktop market with some of the things that are done in Fedora (which they sponsor), just not in the manner of everyone else…


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