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My voiee, unheard


To be honest, I am wondering if I should vote. Considering the circumstances on this election season, there doesn’t seem to be a point in adding my voice to many. I probably will, if only to fulfill my civic duty, by the looks of things Canadians are looking at a stronger conservative minority.

Personally, I am bother by this considering the lack of transparency that is in government currently. The office of the prime minister seems to have a great amount of control over information that concerns any and all Canadians. It mirror the United States, by alot, and to be honest that seems to counter what Canada stands for in the definition of government.
No insult meant to those bothered in the States, but to be honest I thought that the government had seen the wisdom in decentralized power. That there are many places to view information that effect all Canadians, neither the NDP nor the Liberals has said anything against this, the Green party has mentioned it but doesn’t say anything on how to counteract it. The Conservatives, whom bore this mess, seem rather content to continue this rather appalling display of centralizing of power…
My guess to why come from my home Provence, Ontario, whom is still reeling from the effects of “The Common Sense Revolution”. The name itself is for the platform that elected Micheal Harris to Premier in Ontario, and the problem come from the fact that with that centralize power that Harris created… EVERYTHING was routed through the Premier’s office where Harris had final say, not the parliament, not the lieutenant-governor.
If Stephen Harper happens to have this model in mind, then the Senate, and the Governor-General (and by extension, the Monarchy of the Commonwealth Nations) is mostly ceremonial. With that, a minority wouldn’t matter, all power would route through the Prime Ministers Office. For good or ill… and to be honest, I have yet to prove that the Conservatives have Canadians in mind in all of this.

But even with this, Canada seems rather content to elect Stephen Harper and his Conservatives. Thus letting this continue… which is not something that I am willing to support. And my vote will not be enough to stop this when it happens. So any suggestions?


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