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Toryuken… The name to hate, the place to enjoy.

So I got to hand it to the guys at TorontoTopTeirs. They put together quite the event… even for someone that is casual like myself. Spectating the event was fun, and like a friend of mine would say “I am the frecking Mayor.” 

Yeah that is the one big thing that I noticed, I know alot of people in the “Compeative Fighting Gamimg Comminuty.” I guess that is what turned the event into something that is more of a gathering of pals than anything else. I was more “bumping shoulders” with players that I have met over the years, than really watching the gaming. 
Some of the sides where interesting, a few anime gamers came around and I got to face off in Melty Blood again… man I love the way that the game works, much of the head work is taken out of the fighter, but that is a bigger topic for another day. 
Anyways, I don’t have much more to talk about on that one, maybe more when I am more sorted but… it was enjoyable. Thank you NeoRussle and crew, you have show toronto something special.

HElllllllllllllllllllllllllooooo, out there.

Man, I need to post more of my thoughs in this forum.

The day of fighting return

Sorry that I have not been posting, the days have been filled with the usual day to day and King of Fighters 13. So I have been somewhat indisposed. 

This has been interesting to watch, this fighting game resurgence. We’ll see how long this lasts for, but the biggest joke so far has been something that people keep telling me… too many fighters coming out, given the quiet that has gone on for more than 5 years in the genre, this is a good thing (at least for now).

iPhone 4S… The Bomb and it’s fall out.

I think that the best thing that I can say for the iPhone 4S is that, for an update, it’s not that bad. The problem here is not that is the sudden bomb that Apple, the company that no one thought could do no wrong, that could always excite and surprise people simple failed to deliver on the lofty expectations of the Rumor mill. They didn’t give people new, and reality was not distorted… it was as plan as day.

So far, reaction as been rather bad. But I would not be so quick to write Apple epitaph just yet. Given the restlessness in the Android OEM space, I would expect that the next few phones will pounce on this miss-step. Same goes with Microsoft and it’s Windows Phone 7.5… Outside of that, RIM might be the biggest winner in all of this, the move to QNX was going to take time, Apple just bought them some by keeping the bar rather low. After this… what really matters, does Apple had another defect the size and scope of “Antennagate” and, baring that, does the iPhone 5 impress as wildly as expected (assuming that Android, WP7 don’t have a good year and that iPhone 5 would matter by the time it releases).

This is not the end, this is just the beginning… Apple and it’s life after Steve Jobs, their number one sales man.

Con-Bravo… Well bravo…

Well, I am going to have to give my pal Mike some credit. ConBravo is not a bad convention by any strech of the imagination. It was a great way to kill five hours of free time.

I am not going to say that this is the most orginaized convention that I have seen (or heard) but the smaller crowd does give off this community feel. I rather like it, gives the convention something of a personality. Make you feel closer to the ongoings and that those ongoings matter to some degree.
A pity I didn’t have more money on me, since I honestly feel as if in a mellow setting such as this I would have parted with some hard earned money.

That said, I guess that I am having a realization.
I am getting rather old. Life doesn’t really stop, nor does my love for things. This is a Geek’s con, no real getting a round that… but that said, there are things that are not quite for me at these events. Unless it’s a panel of interest (or boredom), I am not really into them. My love of gaming is, pushed to it’s limit during this generation. I am not as ‘in love’ with the things that I enjoy. I just enjoy them, and enjoy the company of those that share that understanding (for the most part). I might have to make a few changes to make sure that I leave a lasting impact on these events.

I think that it’s about time that I do so.


Thinking of my future

The problems of an election about nothing…

Slowly yet surely, I have begun to believe that a majority of canadians assume that they live in the United States of America on a politial level. That is not hard to assume since there is a great ammount knowlauge about the american system and the simple fact that most people find canadian history rather boring.

This is the backdrop to a majority of problems that I have seen in this election. In true Seinfeld-ian fashion, there seems to be not alot a stake and nothing to rather discuss… since few people really understand how it works. I am not about the spell it out, but if this election is going the way that I think it is, then all the government has managed to do it reshuffle the players. 
If that is the case then the Conservitives have alot to think about, since this would point against them… give that the system itself seem to be at odds with the leader. That said, I wonder what happened to the Bloc under a reshuffling like this. Given that they would be the only ones to realy play this loose with the system in the state that it’s in… if they as in manners that would prop this government, can you really call them septratists any more?
That said, under something like this…. lobbiest are a major issue with politics, and under something like this, there influence would grow on all sides. I want that stopped to be honest, but given the issue of governance, a coalition might not stop that…
Given that, it would be different…. And to be honest, different might be the best solution at the moment.